Wiebke Scharff Rethfeldt


Professor of SLT, director of Therapeutic Sciences in SLT program at the Hochschule Bremen, Germany

Dr. Wiebke Scharff Rethfeldt is a full Professor of Speech and Language Therapy and director of Therapeutic Sciences in SLT program at the Hochschule Bremen – City University of Applied Sciences, Germany. She received her professional certificate in Logopedics at the Hannover Medical School and has clinical experience in assessing and identifying developmental language disorders (DLD) in monolingual and multilingual children from diverse cultural backgrounds. She achieved her Masters at Newcastle University and completed her doctorate at Oldenburg University.

Her teaching and research interests focus on early clinical assessment of DLD in multilingual children with or without migration or refugee background, and access to SLT services for children from minority and socially disadvantaged backgrounds. She has been serving as the Chair of the Multilingual-Multicultural Affairs Committee of the International Association of Communication Sciences and Disorders (IALP) and initiated the international survey of speech language therapists / pathologists about their assessment for developmental language disorder in multilingual children. In 2022, she was appointed Vice-President for Communication and currently serves on the Executive Committee of the IALP.

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